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Me, Myself, and I

Why are so many people using “myself” in ways they shouldn’t be? Some examples are, “Call either Marcy or myself if you need anything,” “Bring the document to myself or my secretary when you’re finished,” or “My family and myself will be coming with you.”

This unfortunate usage might be a result of the impulse to sound more impressive in writing. However, these writers end up coming across as trying too hard, as many readers will recognize that this usage is incorrect. If you’re guilty of this, you should feel deep, deep shame at your pomposity.

Just kidding. Still, you should stop doing this and join the fight for clear, direct writing. If you’re unsure of the proper pronoun to use, try this trick: remove everyone else in the sentence to test whether you need “me,” “my,” and so on. In the examples above, removing the other actors in the sentences makes it clear that they should read, “Call me if you need anything,” “Bring the document to me,” and “I will be coming with you.” Neat, huh?

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