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Some Quick Tips on Wedding Toasts

It’s always an honor to be chosen as best man or maid of honor at a wedding, but it also comes with some anxiety. Fear of public speaking is extremely common, so those nerves are understandable. Just remember, the point of the toast is to celebrate the couple, not to embarrass them!

You can include some funny, personal stories that illustrate your bond over the years, since everyone loves a good story. Still, be sure not to speak for too long. Three to five minutes is plenty long enough, as you will see when you’re up there delivering your toast.

Practice your speech a few times before delivering it, but make sure you don’t read straight from a piece of paper; this can seem rote, and often the delivery is flat. Instead, write down your main points on note cards to help prompt your memory.

If you just can’t find the right words, let us know! Give us some information about the happy couple, and we will craft an original, personalized speech that will leave the wedding guests alternately laughing and reaching for tissues.

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