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Why Businesses Should Blog

When considering the multitude of work required to run a business, sitting down each day to compose a blog probably doesn’t rank high on your list of bottom-line-enhancing tasks. The research is clear, however: regular blogging generates significant leads and sales for businesses of all sizes, and it’s best to jump on this train while many of your competitors are lounging around the station like it’s 2005.

Why do blogs work so well as a marketing tool? For one, creating relevant, informative content helps portray you as an expert and enhances the overall credibility of your business. It shows that you know your stuff and that you stay current on developments in your field, and you thus come across as more knowledgeable than a competitor with a static (blogless) site.

In the same vein, blogs allow you to communicate directly with your customers. If you run a restaurant catering to locavores, for example, you can use blog posts to discuss the various farmers and ranchers you buy from. Or you could post photos of your kitchen staff hard at work on a veggie quiche. These types of entries speak directly to your demographic, and can also interest potential customers who hadn’t thought about the issue until coming across your site. Responding to any comments on your posts further personalizes your business. You can also include an “Ask the Expert” feature, allowing customers to initiate interaction with you.

Blogs are also an inexpensive advertising tool. While it’s definitely a bad idea to use your blog as simply a series of promotions, you can use it to mention special offers, discounts, or contests. When compared to the cost of traditional print advertising, you can see how the savings would quickly add up.

Most important, regular blogging increases your search engine ranking, which is key for all businesses, and online businesses in particular. Crawlers look for fresh content and keywords, both of which are naturally incorporated in your blog posts.

If you aren’t already convinced that blogging is crucial for your business, we’ll let the numbers do the talking. Businesses that blog regularly have 55% more visitors to their sites, and generate 88% more leads than businesses that don’t blog (Hubspot Inbound Marketing Report, 2011).

If you’re sold on blogging but want to outsource the actual writing, ask about our rates for blog posts. You’ll get polished, relevant content and personalized service at a reasonable cost. Sorry for the shameless self-promotion, but hey, blogs can be used as advertising tools, remember? :)

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