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Writing an Effective Complaint Letter

If you are unhappy with a service or product you’ve spent money on, writing a complaint letter or email can be an effective way to resolve the problem. When composing a complaint letter, keep the following tips in mind.

Make sure your tone is professional and reasonable. Even if you are quite angry, try to restrain your emotions. Think of your own reactions to people who are angry and insulting; you are probably less likely to want to help.

Be specific and get to the point. The person reading your letter is likely as busy as you are, and it will be helpful for you to make the problem immediately clear. Include the date of purchase or service, as well as a brief explanation of the problem. Enclose a copy of your receipt.

Suggest a resolution. Do you want your money back? Store credit? A replacement product? Let the reader know. Choose a time frame in which you expect to hear back with a solution (usually 1-2 weeks). Mention that you will contact a consumer protection agency if you do not receive a response.

Below is an example of an effective complaint letter. If you were sending an email instead, you would not include your address, the date, and the business address before the body of the text.

If you need any assistance in composing or editing your letter, let us know!

Gertie Gordon
123 Catnip Ln.
Anytown, TX, 12345

March 2, 2012

Earla Grey, Owner
Earla’s Tea Room and Café
456 Blossom Ave.
Anytown, TX, 12345

Dear Mrs. Grey:

I have had the pleasure of stopping at your lovely café several times over the last two years. I have always enjoyed the charming atmosphere, friendly service, and impressive selection of delicious teas. However, my most recent experience with your business was most unpleasant indeed.

I came in on February 16, 2012 and purchased your Deluxe Tea Starter gift box for my mother’s birthday, which ordinarily would have been an ideal present. I am sorry to report that when my mother opened the box, dozens of large roaches crawled out. This naturally was not the birthday surprise I had envisioned.

When I called your store to complain, the manager I spoke with, Vivian Thomas, told me that unless I had photographs of the roaches in the box, there was nothing she could do. Unfortunately, I made no further headway with Ms. Thomas.

Thus, I am writing directly to you to request reimbursement for the cost of the gift box. I understand that the roaches likely originated from your supplier and not your store; nevertheless, I did not intend for my $134.99 to be spent on a box of filthy insects.

Please find a copy of my receipt enclosed. I hope to receive a satisfactory response from you by March 12, 2012, or I will be compelled to contact the Better Business Bureau. I appreciate your attention to this issue.

Very sincerely,

Gertie Gordon

Posted by: ADMIN



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