Why Grammar is Important to Your Business

In my daily travels through the Internet, I’ve noticed a significant number of businesses with an array of grammatical errors and typos on their pages, some more prevalent than others. I usually let them know by sending a friendly email. I’m not really a grammar snob, and I hope I don’t come across as one in these communications. But for whatever reason, I almost never hear back from these companies, and I almost never see any corrections on their sites. This is true for tiny businesses all the way up to big-name corporations.

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10 Tips for Writing Successful Business Plans

Having an effective business plan is critical to securing financing. The following tips will help you create a successful business plan.

1. Develop an Outline

Business plans vary in length and format, but all should include the following sections:
• Executive Summary
• Company Description
• Product or Service Description
• Market Analysis
• Marketing and Sales Strategy
• Operational Plan
• Management Team
• Financial Analysis

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Office Cat Made a Resume Video!

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Why Businesses Should Blog

When considering the multitude of work required to run a business, sitting down each day to compose a blog probably doesn’t rank high on your list of bottom-line-enhancing tasks. The research is clear, however: regular blogging generates significant leads and sales for businesses of all sizes, and it’s best to jump on this train while many of your competitors are lounging around the station like it’s 2005.

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Concise Business Writing

Business writing has a variety of purposes: to deliver information to colleagues and customers, to persuade investors to get on board, and to generate brand awareness and sales. In all cases, the writing should be clear and concise, not overblown and self-important. Unfortunately, business documents tend to be filled with bloated phrases and confusing jargon. For example, consider the sentence, “ was incepted in order to facilitate the client’s optimization of textual efficacy through the utilization of contextually relevant production and enhancement.” Yuck.

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