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Our user-friendly system allows you to quickly and easily submit a project request, send messages to your writer, receive notifications on the progress of your project, and manage your account.

Real-Time Help

Our dedicated support staff is available to you in real time during business hours. Please feel free to chat, call, or email with any questions or concerns. We want to hear from you!

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Easy & Secure Payment

We do not store your credit card information, and all payments are processed through SSL (Secure Socket Layer).


We never share your personal information with anyone, including your writer. All materials and completed projects are automatically deleted from our systems 30 days after delivery.

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Secure File Transfer

SSL technology means your files are safely transferred.

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Highly Qualified Writers

All of our writers are professionals with proven track records in their fields, and all are native speakers of English residing in the United States and Canada. Unlike many other companies who may draw from a huge pool of largely anonymous writers, we prefer to work with a smaller group of dedicated writers whom we know well.

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